lily robusti


Lily Robusti began as a new generation and was welcomed into the designer’s world, born as the first grandchild into the Ridley design family. She came lavishing, full of life and bringing with it her energy & creativity! Lily is the inspiration behind the new modern kaftan collection which has a vast loyal following. 

Modern takes on eastern & western styled kaftans with lavish designs are catching the eyes of the fashion world.  Lily's kaftans are inspired by original culture, prints and fabrics from across the world. Each piece of clothing is created individually with a story and creativity. They represent stories and colours of the world a mix which has evolved from Mexico’s flamboyant energy, the French provinces and the unique architecture from deep within Morocco’s bazaars. 

With sophistication and charm the Lily Robusti collection can take you from casual summer to glamorous night. 

Lily Robusti enjoy the journey

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